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2nd LIPN Symposium 2024: 10th June

Given the success of our first LIPN symposium in June 2023 we are now organising our second annual symposium on 10th June 2024! It will be a one-day symposium at the Francis Crick Institute, open to all scientists working on infection biology, from students to PIs. The event will be free (thank you sponsors!) and will include invited talks from Dr. Ashley Otter  (UKSHA) and Prof. Jessica Blair, university of Birmingham, and a discussion panel about careers inside and outside academia, as well as selected talks from ECRs working on infection biology. The day will again be divided into three main scientific sessions dedicated to pathogens in different domains of life: bacteria, viruses and eukaryotes (parasites and fungi), while integrating different research approaches. The event will take place in a fully accessible area and we will cater for any dietary requirements, but if you have any concerns please contact us.


If you want to register for the event and/or you are an ECR wanting to share your infection-related research, please check the links below; if submitting an abstract you will have the possibility to choose between oral or poster format, and there will be prizes!. Check out our flyer and please spread the word!

If you are interested in reading about our first symposium, you can check out the article we wrote about the day in the Microbiology Society blog. These annual symposiums are held with the aim to help ECRs to: (i) foster knowledge and technical exchange, (ii) increase collaborations, (iii) present their work to a bigger, like-minded critical audience, (iv) expand networking opportunities, (v) advertise opportunities for career development, (vi) raise and discuss career related issues, and (vii) strive for a positive and inclusive research culture.


  • To register please use this FORM

  • To submit your abstract, complete the ABSTRACT submission form (300 words max, with a possibility to apply for childcare funding). Closed

Both registration and abstract submission will require you to create a free account with Oxford Abstracts.


Our Code of Conduct applies to all of our seminars and meetings. 


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